How to Write An Essay Outline Explained in Detail

Essay outlines are necessary because they work as a guide or foundation for writers to start writing on the topic provided to them. An essay outline should summarize the contents of your essay and should be presented in a gentle and coherent way. We are going to discuss about how to write an essay outline quickly and then start work on it.

  1. Read the assignment guidelines carefully: You may highlight or underline the important words or phrases in the instruction guidelines provided to you so that you may understand the topic better. In case you have any confusion about the topic or what the instructor wants you to do, always ask for clarifications before you start with the outline.
  2. Develop a topic: After you are done with the first part, start to think about the topic you are provided and collect the ideas you wish to write about. You may write down your thoughts in a point form on a piece of paper so that you do not forget them while writing.
  3. Identify your purpose: After you have developed the topic, think about what kind of presentation you want to give through your essay. Is it an argumentative one, a descriptive one or just an analysis of facts with examples. This is a really important step and you should take your decision carefully if you are not already provided with the type of essay you have to write.
  4. Identify the audience: Now you need to think about the audience you will cater to, through your writing. Are they your classmates? the instructor? A college admission officer? Or just strangers? Try to think about what the reader may expect from you and plan accordingly.
  5. Develop your thesis: Once you are done with the essay, and have covered all the aspects mentioned above, you should start to write a thesis statement. A thesis statement should express the main focus of your writing and should not be more than one sentence in length.

Wrap Up

We have provided you a basic outline to help you out with your essay topic. You may now use these points to construct your essay more efficiently. You may share this guide with your friends too to help them.