What does Apple have in store for the buyers this year?

Are you one of the many, patiently awaiting the release of iPhone 7? The new innovation from Apple will come with 2 GB RAM, a A9 processor if not the next-gen A10 Processor from TMSC and lots of awesomeness to make up for the slow sales of iPhone 6 and 6S in 2016. Unfortunately nothing is known about the internal storage space or the external memory support at the moment.


What does Apple need in 2016?

To be honest, the sales of Apple products plummeted quite unforeseen this year. While most people are blaming it on the boring looks of the gadgets, we know it is the lack of inspiring innovations that once drove Job’s brainchild. So this 2016 Apple has to up its game and the 7th generation of iPhones is its only chance. So let us see what Apple has in store for the buyers this year.

What do we need?

With a bigger screen, Apple is also going completely touch enabled. This means the age’s old physical home button will be replaced by a digital, touch sensing home button which will remove the sectioning of the front screen which dominated the earlier Apple models. But we can definitely say that the 5.5 inch AMOLED display is still far behind that of 4K display from Sony but it is still a huge step from Apple. The phone will also be waterproof and dust-proof, an inspiration Apple is drawing from its major competitors. Considering their past trend of evolution of looks, iPhone 7 should be the phone with fresh new looks and fresh new specs to break Apple’s dry spell.

Apple has been inspired

Other wooing features include a second rear camera for close range photographs. Although not a pioneering move, inclusion of a second camera may actually appeal to the shutterbugs who had to rely to Huawei and LG G5 this long. The cameras will be freshly designed to eliminate the messy pinch and zoom feature. Also they will include flat lenses to make the back surface completely flush. This will impart a classy, sleek look to the new phone. This will reportedly be the slimmest of all iPhones you have ever seen and possibly imagined! The upcoming iPhone will support iOS 10.

Improved batteries, no headphone jacks and many more surprises in store

If you have heard rumors about exclusion of headphone jacks, you have probably heard them right. The removal of the 3.5 mm jack will be compensated by the Smart Connector which will allow instant connection to portable devices like keyboards, speakers, headsets and also Mac Books. Now the latest scoop from the Chinese market states that iPhone 7 is entitled to a battery bigger than that of both iPhone 6 and 6S. The phone can be charged with a portable, wireless charger with a high range. Although the power upgrades are minimal for the new iPhone, the new specs and features are enough to draw a new crowd to fandom.