The iOS 12 Features That We Can Expect to Arrive with the OS

The next version of iOS, that runs on all Apple devices like iPhones and iPads is likely to arrive by September of 2018, if previous releases of Apple are taken into account. Apple has followed the trend of launching their latest iOS installments in early autumn of every year and this year is going to be no different. This leads us to the discussion of what to expect from the twelfth installment of the iOS. Here, we are going to talk in detail about some of the top iOS 12 features.

iOS 12 Features: The Top Features We are Expecting

We have got a long list of features that we are expecting to be a part of the upcoming iOS 12. This is primarily because Apple has failed to implement some features in the previous installments of the OS. However, it looks like Apple is not going to bring much change to iOS 12 and a major revamp will only come with iOS 13 in 2019. Nonetheless, there is still a lot to look forward to in iOS 12. So just scroll down below to have a look.

  1. Possible AirPlay 2 Update: Airplay 2 is an update for the AirPlay technology that is predominantly used in HomePods (Apple’s smart speakers) for multi-room audio. Apple initially provided support to AirPlay 2 in the first two beta updates of iOS 11, but after that there were no further updates. This makes us to believe that iOS 12 may provide further updates to AirPlay 2 for improvements.
  2. Parental Controls: Apple may bring out a new parental control system to lock apps individually. Until now, users can lock individual notes but the apps are not lockable. So this new parental control, if rolled out, could become a handy tool for better privacy and security.
  3. Multi-User Facetime Calls: Apple may introduce a new feature is its Facetime video-calling app through the iOS 12. Users may be able to make group video calls through Facetime app. Microsoft has already introduced the group calling feature in Skype and Apple may follow suit.
  4. Smart Wi-Fi: Huawei has recently launched a new feature called Wi-Fi+ that has the ability to turn Wi-Fi on or off depending on the strength of the signal and the device’s current location. It can store the location of known networks and can turn on Wi-Fi on its own when a user enters that area. Apple may also bring this technology with iOS 12 to make its devices more advanced than before.
  5. View Favorites in Contacts App: This is a change that is on the wishlist of iOS users from a long time. The ability to view and edit the list of favorite contacts on the contact app would be a welcome change. It is currently available only on the phone app and we can’t figure out why Apple has not implemented this feature till now.

Wrap Up

This brings us to a close of the discussion about the top iOS 12 features that Apple is likely to bring on board. If you are an iOS user, you may also let us know what you wish to see in the upcoming version from Apple. Is your device support iOS 12?