Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases Show Off the S-Pen

The numero uno phone or smartphone device of this year’s launches is going to be the Samsung Galaxy S9. Designed with care and conviction by the Korean giant, the phone promises to be more powerful, more reliable and more ambitious than its predecessors and counterparts. When certain cases of the Galaxy S8 leaked or were leaked on the internet in the last few weeks, some proof positive about the upcoming phone’s features were either confirmed or negated. We find out more below.

First and foremost, we can now confirm from the leaking of Galaxy S8 cases that the new device will arrive in two variations. One will be the regular Samsung Galaxy S8 while the other is said to be a bigger Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Note that after the Note 7 fiasco last year, Samsung has invested a lot of extra funds and time to ensure that the new Galaxy devices are absolutely fool-proof whilst still maintaining a degree of technological wizardry.

As soon as news of the new Galaxy S8 case leaked, reports emerged mainly from China that an S-Pen was being considered for the Galaxy S8. The new Galaxy s8 case was purported to show a quite big square-shaped hole at the bottom of the device on the left-hand side. What could this aperture be for? While some tech observers have put it down to be the standard headphone jack, some other experts weighed in with their opinion that the port was actually for the S-Pen.

What exactly is an S-Pen? Simply put, it is Samsung’s variant of the humble stylus. The S-Pen makes life a lot simpler for Samsung Galaxy S8 device users. While the stylus may yet be humble, an S-Pen most certainly is not. The S-Pen is a worthy accessory if we are to go by the leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 cases. For one, an S-Pen has 4096 points of pressure which will make it an incredibly nifty and nimble companion. First seen in the Galaxy Note 5, the S-Pen will help the user to deal with actions like writing, painting, pointing and obviously clicking much easier. While such actions are not complex by themselves, the combination of the actions certainly are.  The Notes application, which consolidates all of the different apps that used to take up space in the app drawer (S Note, Memo, Action Memo, and Scrapbook)

The S-Pen, if that is what the leaked Galaxy S8 Case leaks suggest, is designed keeping in mind the one single factor of user benefit and user-friendliness. Samsung’s stylus has been designed with improved software features which will take it one notch above currently existing styluses. The Notes application, which will accompany the S-Pen, will also help to consolidate each and every one of the various apps that are visible in the app drawer. These include the S Note, action memo, memo and the ubiquitous scrapbook. Few of us could deny the usefulness of the S-Pen when it comes to user friendliness. We expect that the leaked Galaxy S8 case is actually the S-Pen.