Fast & Furious 8 and Paul Walker

Fast & Furious 8 on the verge of releasing and the movie has taken every step to make the film, more attractive than ever. But still, the absence of Paul Walker is deeply felt everywhere. There were a large number of Paul Walker fans who were into Fast & Furious series because of him. After … [Read more…]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Cases Show Off the S-Pen

The numero uno phone or smartphone device of this year’s launches is going to be the Samsung Galaxy S9. Designed with care and conviction by the Korean giant, the phone promises to be more powerful, more reliable and more ambitious than its predecessors and counterparts. When certain cases of the Galaxy S8 leaked or were … [Read more…]

Innovative Features Available in Drones

With improvement in science and technology, companies are able to integrate ultra-high scale integration techniques in drone manufacturing process as well. This helps in packing more and more features in the ultimate flying machine. Technology has made it easy and affordable to fly a drone. In this article, we have listed some of the really … [Read more…]