iPhone 7 Could Have a Touch-Sensitive Home Button

Apple’s next launch event is expected less than 5 months from now and the rumors of having waterproof and dustproof. If we hear the latest news, Apple is reportedly testing a touch-sensitive home button for its upcoming flagship handset which possibly means that the iPhone 7 could have a flush home button. The dustproofing will be inherently plausible. Currently,the latest version of iPhone 6s is water resistant but not waterproof due to presence of physical home button on its face.

The new reports suggest that the Virtual finger sensitive home button will dispose off the possibility of water and dust from entering the device. With the virtual button being embedded, the need of physically pushing the button in order to activate the device will be no more required. Moreover, the entire upfront of further generations of iPhone will be taken up by the screen. iPhone 7 is also rumored by the supply chains to be the slimmest iPhone announced yet so these features might be a part of the next launch happening in upcoming falls.

With the killing of home button, the users will be deep pressing the virtual displays in order to access more menus. Moreover, it might also vibrate to be more interaction friendly or to confirm the touch action being performed. The move will allow entire front display to be a screen which might either increase the size of the screen or reduce the size of handset without decreasing the screen size. As cited by Digitimes, ‘Apple is internally developing touch and display driver integration also abbreviated as TDDI single-chip solutions for its iPhones, according to sources in Taiwan’s IC design industry.’The TDDI single-chip solutions will also come with embedded fingerprint sensors.

The models with ultra-thin and narrow displays will come with a plain design completely eliminating the Home Button.Yet, the changes are long term goals for the company so it might be postponed as well. With the dates to be rumored as Sep 25, 2016 and the pre orders starting from September 18, list of multiple features to be expected is in and around and we started hearing some rumors about iPhone 8 release date too, so we can assume that the release date of iPhone 7 is not really far. It has been claimed that with its patented technology, the screen will automatically sense the pressure and to act smartly accordingly.

Force Touch will be the biggest upgraded selling point. An upgraded screen will be the USP of the upcoming device. Force Touch can enhance user experience withintroduction of more input methods and support of handwritten signatures, which is beneficial for expansion in the commercial market.