Innovative Features Available in Drones

With improvement in science and technology, companies are able to integrate ultra-high scale integration techniques in drone manufacturing process as well. This helps in packing more and more features in the ultimate flying machine. Technology has made it easy and affordable to fly a drone. In this article, we have listed some of the really cool features which are available in Drones today.

  • Pairing up with Mobile

There are drones which can pair up with your phone and that helps in easy interface. The screen of the phone can also be used as viewfinder and that helps in easy navigation. It is also possible to trace the geographical location of the drone using the phone.

  • Auto Landing and Auto Take Off

This feature has been made available in lot of drones recently. The feature helps drone in taking off and landing on press of a button. This ensures that the drone lands safely without any stability issue. Some drones also lets you tag a geographical location for landing and drone lands itself automatically when the battery is low. This helps in protecting drone from free fall when the battery dies. The feature is also known as ‘Come Home’. Under this the drone flies back to the original location of take-off.

  • Follow Me

The feature is basically a command which when activated makes your drone follow you. When you are walking around, the drone can simply follow your footsteps and the drone also avoids the obstacles automatically. The feature is especially useful when you are fond of taking selfies as this helps you in getting your pictures clicked.

  • Throw And Launch

This is another technology which is widely available in market today. Drones equipped with this feature can be launched in air by simply throwing them in air. You done have to worry about making mistakes during take-off. You can just throw the drone from any height and the drone will automatically retain its height and stabilize itself.

  • Virtual Reality Headset Enable Drones

This feature is really interesting. This feature basically broadcasts the real-time video of the drone to your virtual reality headset. The feature enables you to experience flying drone in a new dimension as you can have the live view of the path of drone. Feature also helps in making sharp turns with a lot of precision.

  • Control Using PlayStation Controllers

There are certain users who love playing games on consoles like PlayStation and they are experts in using the remote control of the game, for them there are certain drones which can be controlled by using the PS remote controller. This helps in easy learning and flying the drone with a lot of ease.

  • Foldable Drones

Some companies are taking care of the fact that you might need to travel a lot with your drone. These companies are redesigning drones by additional feature which helps you to fold the drone in a smaller unit and the drone can be assembled again on your destination in less than 2 minutes.

These are some of the features which are available in best drones for sale today. They can be fun to use and they also help in keeping the drone safe.