Guide to buying the Best Car Battery

Unless someone is really enthusiastic about cars and the technologies inside it, chances are they won’t be paying close attention to what their car service center guy(s) have said about getting replacements and all those stuff. And when a car battery finally dies, most of the car owners feel helpless at the thought of buying a new car battery. Well fear not, because buying the best car battery is no rocket science and with some simple guidance you will be able to purchase your next battery right off the store, alone. Get some help with the installation, though.

Here’s a few tips to help you buy your next car battery.

Inspect your Battery by Yourself

Make the habit of checking car battery before you start your car at the beginning of the day. Even if you don’t check the battery every day, at least you could check once a week. Just pop the hood, visually inspect the connectors, check for carbon formation on the connectors and also check the liquid levels. All these only take merely 30 seconds and this habit could prevent you from getting stranded in the middle of nowhere during a long road trip.

Get to Know Battery Types

There are just two basic types the car batteries come in – maintenance free sealed lead-acid battery which is the regular type and a modern Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) type battery which is more of a newer innovation in the world of car batteries. The lead-acid batteries requires the acid level to be topped off eventually whereas the AGM batteries are more suitable for modern cars that require very frequent charging and discharging. A lot of new cars stop the engine while idling and this technology requires more power drawn from the battery.

Know the Measurements

Like every other part inside your car, the battery has a measurement standard to. For example, these sizes go by terms like size 65, size 24/24F, size 48 (H6), size 49 (H8) etc. The terminals are placed either in the top or the side, and also the dimensions are different. Some sizes are for bigger vehicles such as trucks, buses etc. whereas some are for smaller vehicles like cars and SUVs etc.

Battery Testing Methods

If you are planning to buy a battery before it dies out, you could have the battery checked by any modern battery checking methods. Battery-life test, reserve capacity test and cold-cranking amps test are some of the popular methods to test the power holding time and charging threshold of a battery. You might just save up some money if your battery doesn’t need an immediate replacement. check out the best car buffer.

Study the Battery Brands

Before you buy a battery, study on the existing battery brands in your locality. There could be exciting discount offers on particular brands, also some might offer you discount if you return the old battery for the sake of betterment of the environment. Check user reviews as well.


Best car batteries are easy to find when you know about it all. With this guide, you would know which direction to go while buying batteries and can figure out the rest.