Download Kik for Windows PC free — Complete Guide

Kik Messenger has been a favorite over the top messaging app of many Android users. But the problem is it comes for mobile device only. Having a web version like WhatsApp helps a lot to chat while working on our PC. Though there are many tricks available online on how to run Kik messenger on Windows PC but almost all of them are really hard to go through. That’s why we have decided to write about some simple ways so that even a newbie can download Kik for PC and “chatting while working” can go on.


Kik for Windows PC free Download

We always want big and if something bigger comes then we wish to have that. Smartphone has a little screen and chatting on that tiny screen is really little bit frustrating sometimes while our PC has a larger screen and if we can chat while doing work on our PC there is nothing exciting than that. We will discuss the download method of Kik messenger for PC especially for Windows PC.

Step by step process to download Kik for PC

Here are the step by step process to download and install Kik messenger in your Windows PC.

Step 1: At first we need to download any android emulator. Bluestacks can be good of you are using windows (XP/7/8/10).

Step 2: We need to get the emulator from official sites. Don’t worry these are free to download and risk free completely. Once Bluestacks gets downloaded in your PC, We need to install it on our PC. For that follow the process mentioned below.

This is basically very simple to follow but needs patience.

Step 3: Once you have installed the Android emulator, open it. It will show a screen similar to your smartphone.

Step 4: Now go to the Play store and type “Kik messenger” on the “search” button.

Step 5: Let Bluestacks search the Kik messenger. Once it found the app, the very next step is to install the app. Just click on the “Install” option and it’s done.

Step 6: Once it gets installed, you are ready to go gaga with the kik messenger and you now can chat with your friends directly from your PC.

That’s all buddy. We just need to keep patience for 10-15 minutes if you are starting from the scratch. Just follow the steps mentioned above and get through the installation. These are very easy to follow through.