Latest NBA 2K18 News Has Left Renowned Player Upset

latest news of NBA 2k18

Whenever there is a new game waiting in the pipeline, expectations are always there that there is going to be a constant flow of news and updates. And there is no exception when it comes to NBA 2K18. This is because it is one of the biggest titles which are scheduled to be made available … [Read more…]

Personalized Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016

Mary Christmas 2016! Hope you are all waiting for the Christmas Day of this year. Christmas is a very colorful and joyful event of our life. Christmas has its own flavor. When we hear the word Christmas the first thing flash into our mind is Christmas gift and pudding. Christmas gift is one of the … [Read more…]

FIFA 17 Stadiums Details and Information

FIFA 2017 is part of FIFA series by EA Sports which had first released its first FIFA video game in 1993. FIFA series is the most selling video game worldwide with more than 100 million copies sold till 2012. EA Sports had licences to many leagues, stadium and players which gives you the option to … [Read more…]

The German Squad is Ready for Action

On the day when most of Germany is cheering their squad for the 2016 Euro Cup, things look grim for Marco Reus. He has been left out of Germany’s official 2016 euro squad according to the decisions made by Joachim Löw. This is quite the blow for the young player who enjoyed a wonderful season … [Read more…]