Apple iPhone Set to Give up Physical ‘Home’ Button?

It has been quite a long while that we have been receiving news and updates regarding the upcoming smartphone devices from the world of technology. In fact, much before the New Year has set in, we have come across more than a handful of rumours regarding the upcoming smartphones of the year 2017. And one of those smartphone is definitely Apple iPhone 8. A number of rumours and speculations have cropped up time and again which has revealed one or more probable features of the upcoming smartphone. And the latest one that has come up reveals the fact that Apple iPhone 8 is all set to do away with the physical ‘Home’ button.

It is one of the popular rumours that have been making rounds that Apple will bring their latest flagship device devoid of the ‘Home’ button. This is one of the speculations, which was also heard before the release of the Apple iPhone 7. But it did not turn out to be true which makes it very much possible that this feature is going to be finally dropped in the iPhone 8.

If the rumour that Apple will give away the ‘Home’ button turns out to be true, reports have come in that the physical ‘Home’ button will be replaced by something else. And that is perhaps going to be the virtual ‘Home’ button with 3D Touch technology incorporated on it. Also, the volume buttons which are found on the edges of the device will be replaced by the touch sensors. Along with that, the abolition of the ‘Home’ button is bound to provide much more importance to the back of the device which remains mostly unused by the popular smartphone making brand.

Talking about making use of the rear portion of a smartphone, if the latest patent that has been submitted turns out to be the model of the Apple iPhone 8, it will have scrolling features on the back. Even the user can shift to a different page with the help of the back of the screen. So it seems that the Apple iPhone 8 is going to be one of the most attractive smartphones that are going to come out on the market this year.

Along with these incredible features, the upcoming flagship device from Apple is going to feature a bezel-free screen which will make the device look much more attractive. The device is going to sport a 3D camera and the technology will be provided by LG Innotek. So that will definitely enhance the camera features of the device. The camera features of the already available Apple iPhones are incredible if we take into consideration all other smartphone devices that are available on the market. the upcoming iphone will come with iOS 11.

However, everything is still in a state of speculations and it remains to be seen what the features of the Apple iPhone 8 turn out to be when it comes out on the market. For that we have to keep on waiting and as it stands now we might not have to wait for long to get an announcement regarding the Apple iPhone 8.